What if you had someone there with you on a consistent basis to keep you accountable, to give you a new perspective, to expand your vision for what is possible for you and the church, and to help you create a plan for ministry?


What if you had someone with you in the flow with you consistently, asking the right questions, and 100% dedicated to your success?


What if you had someone in your corner whose job it is to help you move ahead, to gain momentum in ministry?

The pastors Mike serves are intelligent, caring, conscientious, thoughtful and prayerful servant leaders.  As a leader this pastor is ambitious, creative, open to new ideas, fun, and wants to make ministry happen within the church.  They are not satisfied with the status-quo and desire to influence lasting change within the congregation to enable it to thrive.  


And yet, these leaders hold themselves back in various ways.  Unanswered questions about effective outreach, declining membership, staff development, vision for the future, and crucial conversations with staff (paid or volunteer) are undoubtedly stressful and can keep pastors stuck and feeling overwhelmed.  


At times, they lack self-confidence to say what needs to be said or needs to be done. They lack the self-discipline necessary stay focused on what really matters, and they can find themselves distracted by the various responsibilities involved with ministry.  At times these pastors feel overwhelmed and stressed by the work, and have thought of quitting.   Unfortunately some of these pastors have been wounded from the Christian community which he or she serves through church conflict and/or personal attacks on their character or skills.


Mike helps pastors who, while effective, want to become stronger and influential in their calls.  These pastors desire to strengthen their ability to influence people for the sake of the Gospel and the church for the sake of great ministry.  They desire to lead more from within,  from a deeper level by developing the person they are in ministry.  

Through 1-1 coaching conversations, Mike helps pastors and their ministry teams become more effective in their leadership, discover innovative ideas for outreach and evangelism, share mission and ministry with others, create a vision for mission.   The result is a plan for more effective ministry which provides greater clarity, confidence, and momentum toward the future.


Like Saul who God called to greater levels of leadership and influence for the sake of the Gospel, these pastors sense that there is something more.  God is calling them to be more, do more, dream more, become more than they are today for the sake of the mission of the church.  They want to be leaders of influence.  


Sound like you?  


Let’s get started. 


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