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Join a growing community of pastors who are discovering how improv can strengthen their preaching.


Are you struggling with trying to say the same thing in fresh ways?


Are you struggling with finding new insights into Biblical texts you been over time and again?


Are you struggling with keeping people's attention because media and other influences seem much stronger than your voice?


Me too.  After 17 years of preaching on a weekly basis, I understand how difficult it can be to share the Gospel in fresh and compelling ways week after week.


Here's what I've discovered...


When I took my first improv class, everything changed. Improv was a game changer for me and I am certain it will be for you too.


Improvisation has the power to revolutionize the way your preach, prepare, and connect with the people. It certaitly has transformed the way I preach, prepare, and connect...and I am certain it wil for you too. This is why I created Better Preaching Through help you tranform people's lives throught the message you share.  


Make your sermons hard to ignore.


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