Two words to live by in 2016

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Every bold, memorable, and transformative moment in the world began with two words, "what if".

"What if..." opens the door to possibility and creativity. "What if" reminds us that we're not stuck in a moment we can't get out of. "What if" reminds us that a better day is possible.

Remember the story of the four men who carred their paralyzed friend on a mat to Jesus (Mark 2:1-12)?

When they get to the house where Jesus was teaching, the crowds prohibited their entrance. So, they climbed up on the roof, dug a hole through it, and lowered their friend to Jesus.

Then Mark writes, "When Jesus saw their faith..." He didn't see their ingenuity, their dedication, or their expertise in getting their friend to him. He saw their faith. He looked deeper and discovered what motivated them to bring their friend in the first place, faith.

For leaders, ingenuity, dedication, and expertise are all important attributes to possess. But they are the actions that move the "what if" into reality. The actions are fueled by faith.

The faith of the four began with the two words, "What if..." One of them ventured an idea, "What if we carry our friend to Jesus?" There is little certainty in how it might turn out. The "what if" is born out of hope, and hope is born out of a Jesus' reputation as a One who has the power to heal. Thus, behind the idea is faith and hope that Jesus could change things for their friend.

The four audaciously believed and acted on their belief. Their faith brought healing into the paralyzed man's life. Their faith made life better for someone else. Because they lived by faith, another was blessed.

So, take a moment and imagine...

It is December of this year and you're looking back over 2016...Who benefited from your life lived by faith? Who became healthier, stronger, and/or more hopeful because you lived by faith? How is life different for someone because in January 2016 you chose to use the words "what if" as a starting point of an act of faith?

Let 2016 be a year where you create new possibilities, new hope, and new strength born of faith through the two important words, "What if..."

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