What you need to accomplish your goal this year

The knock on the window woke me.

I turned my head to see that it was my son.

“Unlock the door!” he said excitedly. I reached to my left to unlock the doors and Ethan quickly opened the door, “I did it!”

Last Friday night I had taken Ethan to an indoor skatepark for skateboarders. After school told me that tonight he would dedicate time to work on jumping down a few stairs on his board, what skaters call an ollie. Because there was little room for parents to hang out in the skatepark, I sat in the car waiting, eventually falling asleep which is where Ethan found me.

“Come in and I’ll show you,” he said to me.

I went in with him and took a video of his accomplishment. Here it is:

A few minutes later I saw Ethan talking to a young man who gave him a high five. Over the hour and a half Ethan had been working on the ollie, the young man offered feedback and pointers to Ethan to help him succeed.

What Ethan experienced last Friday is an example of what the best leaders do to accomplish any goal.

Dedicate time - Set aside dedicated time in your schedule daily and/or weekly to getting it done. Block out time in your calendar to work on the goal, and during that time work only on that goal. Allowing no distractions like email and phone, will allow you to get into a work flow.

Get feedback - Feedback from a colleague, mentor, the congregation, and/or a coach is necessary to make needed adjustments to the plan.

Persevere - Persevere through the hard times, the mistakes, and the failures. Of all of the four, this is the most crucial. Those who move ahead and accomplish goals are the ones who persevere through difficulty, who don’t give up and quit.

Take time to celebrate - Thank God. Invite others to celebrate with you.

As you look at 2016, what goals are you hoping to accomplish?

As I can be helpful to you to accomplish your goal(s), please let me know.

Together with you in Christ,


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