Why Conflict is Good for Your Leadership

Conflict is like fire. It has the power to burn, shed light, or warm us. In itself, fire is not inherently bad. It just is. Fire, when contained, provides necessary energy to warm us on a cold night, cook food, and sheds light in the darkness. When not contained fire can become destructive.

Photo by ilker ender

Like fire conflict has the power, when managed, to move relationships to a deeper place, shed light on others, and open doors to new possibilities. "Conflict," Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott tells us, "is the price you pay for a deepening sense of intimacy."

If you find yourself conflict avoidant as a leader, take courage. Lean into the conflict and fight fair. Let the conflict move you and the person or persons with whom you are in conflict move you to a new understanding and a new sense of connection and peace.


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