How to overcome creative gridlock

Making a greater contribution to the world shouldn't be difficult, but it is. Instead of smooth sailing, you get stuck; head in hands, wondering how to proceed.

Nick Harris - Used with permission under the creative commons license

Sundays come around with an amazing regularity. And if you are a pastor who preaches every weekend and possibly in the middle of the week as well, there the need to create new sermon material persists. Add to it any responsibility to write devotions or other material regularly, the possibility of creative gridlock happens. Our creative minds can get locked up like traffic at rush hour.

Here are 3 ways to free your mind for greater creativity:

  1. Get up and moving - A moving body kickstarts the brain's creativity. Go for a 15 minute walk. Get in your car and go for a short drive. Exercise. Just get moving.

  2. Take 10 deep breaths - Breathing feeds the brain with what it thrives on...oxygen. Stand up and breath deep from your diaphragm. Hold it for 3 beats and exhale.

  3. Get perspective - A friend or colleagues fresh perspective will help you take a step back and see things differently. Ask what he or she thinks. Pray and get God's perspective on the matter.

The bottom line is this...just like honking your horn in traffic doesn't usually get things moving, so creative gridlock is not overcome by working harder and staring at the computer screen. When you are in that place, get up, breathe, and ask for help.

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