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Wisdom from Carlo Carretto...

Carlo Carretto

God comes like the sun in the morning - when it is time.

We must assume an attitude of waiting, accepting the fact that we are creatures and not creator.

We must do this because it is not our right to do anything else; the initiative is God's, not ours. We are able to initiate nothing; we are able only to accept.

If God does not call, no calling takes place. If God does not come, there is no history! History is the coming of God to us, and the way in which we reply.

Only God created the heavens and the earth; only God can create history. We carry it out through our response, but the inspiration, the design, and the strength to carry it out come from him.

In short, he is what creates, and we creatures are in an act of becoming.

~From The God Who Comes, Carlo Carretto

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