What could you do with 2 hours?

A couple weeks ago while walking in a Christian bookstore, I heard Christmas music playing over the speakers.

A week before Halloween, Target was already preparing their holiday section.

Do you approach your future in the same way?

Do you plan for what’s coming up far in advance or do you wait until it’s too late.

Don’t wait. The time to plan for 2017 is now.

Many people wait until the holidays are over to look ahead at the new year. They either spend a few minutes during the last week of December or the first week of January making resolutions and/or setting a few goals.

Waiting until the end of December or the beginning of January is too late.

Today is the day to start planning for the new year.

So, what if you spent two hours at some point in the next month looking ahead at 2017? What would become possible for you?

Here’s what I know…it’s impossible to watch a professional football or baseball game in two hours, at least not the whole thing. When each of them average at least three hours to watch from kickoff or first pitch, you’ll only see two-thirds of the game.

Granted, you could watch a professional soccer match. With two forty-five minute halves plus stoppage time, you’ll be able to see the game from start to finish.

However, watching a sporting event, while enjoyable, won’t change your life.

Setting a plan for the new year could.

Here’s how to set a course for a great 2017:

  • Block out two hours in your schedule in the next 30 days. Preferably they are two hours back to back and not split in the day or across a couple days. Putting two hours together for this creates a flow of thinking.

  • Create a timeline. At one end of the timeline put today’s date. At the other end put the date of exactly one year from now.

  • Ask yourself the question, “One year from now, what will I have or what do I want to have the I currently don’t have right now?” Take your time. Write down a few thoughts and then pause. Ask yourself, “If I had that, what else becomes even more important?” Then write down that answer. Ask yourself the question again, “And if I had that, what else becomes even more important?” Ask yourself that question as many times as necessary until you get down to what you truly want.

  • Examine what steps you need to take to get what you really want one year from now. Identify the milestones that shows you are making progress. Figure out how will you reward yourself for the progress you will make throughout the year. Determine how will you keep the momentum going through the middle of 2017?

  • Formalize the document. Type it up and put it in a place where you most likely will see it on a daily basis. Sign it. Have friends or family sign it. Ask them to hold you accountable.

Hit January 1, 2017 running and start the year off on the right foot by planning today for what you want to accomplish.

You’ve got this.

However, should you need help, let me know. We’re in this together.

Be your best.


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