How Influential Are You?

It is one thing to hold a position of influence. It's quite another to be influential.

Influence is external, based on titles and is about doing. Being influential is about who you are as a leader. It is a state of being. To be truly influential you need to be a certain way in order to do something and make a positive impact.

Here's the litmus test, if you remove your source of influence (position, power, status) will you still be influential?

photo by Zach Stern

I am excited to be officially certified as a KII® Certified Professional, joining the influence movement as practitioners using this assessment tool and programs to increase the influence potential of executives, employees and teams.

The bottom line is the power of influence and being influential is a staple of future company growth as well as a means of predicting future leaders in any organization. This is exactly what the clients I work with are looking for, and now I can deliver it to them.

What we are learning is that our clients are begging for a way to build leadership, foster influential relationships, and create a culture based on trust that makes sense. And now we have that capability.

Contact me directly for additional information on The KII Influence assessment and to take your complimentary KII Trial Report.

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