Educational Phases of Entrepreneurship: How to Create and Sustain Your Success [Guest Blog]

Despite what some people might think, there is no such thing as an overnight success. Success takes hard work.

My friend, SJ Barakony with Service Before Self Leadership (, shares important insights into creating and sustaining success. Whether you are an entrepreneur and/or a leader of an organization, you'll want to take a look at this post here.

About SJ

SJ is a CMA (Consultant, Mentor, & Advisor), as well as the founder of SBSL.

He strongly believes in being an advocate for the 80-90% of American citizens between the ages of 5-6 and 50 who have, are, or will (w/o a directional innovation) have an average, mediocre, or less results from the conventional educational tracks.

He is 41 years old, lives in Ohio, and has been an entrepreneur in the education field for 5 1/2 years as of the spring of 2017.

He is presently involved (or has been actively involved) in the following mentorship and/or advising programs / orgs :

YEA ( Young Entrepreneurs Academy )

Teen Entrepreneurial Camp


OWU's EMF ( Econ Mgmt Fellows )

Sundown Group's 'Ask an Expert' Program

HECOA's special events ( Sept 2015; April 2016; Sept 2016 )

ECDI 's Professional Advisory Network (PAN)

He also is a National Steering Committee member - click here

His favorite pastimes/hobbies are traveling; reading ( 240+ paper & audio books in the past six+ years' time ); listening & watching inspirational content ( DVD, mp3, audio CD, streaming video, You Tube ); volunteering at his home church; connecting people who may not otherwise have met in the course of time; being an encourager (C.E.O.); & a solution provider (change agent.)

** this blog post was originally submitted & published w/ the center for innovation & entrepreneurship in metro Columbus area, Innovate New Albany. Thank YOU’s to Sarah, Neil, & Bradfor all their ongoing support!

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