Leadership wisdom

Important wisdom every leader and/or teacher needs to heed from St. Isidore of Seville:

Prayer cleanses and reading instructs; if you cannot do both, it is better to pray. If you want to be always in God's presence, pray often and read often. When we pray we speak to God; when we read God speaks to us. All progress comes from prayer and reading, for we dispel our ignorance by reading and deepening our knowledge by meditation...

Some have a sharp mind but neglect to read; what they might have learned by reading, they scorn because they are neglectful. Others love to read but are slow to understand: yet perseverance brings them a wisdom which the talented but negligent fail to achieve.

Without the help of God's grace, teaching may enter the ears but will not reach the heart; the words echo, but fruitlessly. But when God's grace touches the mind and gives understanding, the words heart enter the heart as well.

~From the Books of Propositions

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