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Burgert Kristen is a great coach and someone I came became acquainted with through the Applied Improvisation Network. Seven years ago he served me powerfully as my coach and helped propel me forward into the future.

From his bio... he facilitates transformation in individuals, leaders and teams/organisations. From being rigid, disconnected and unproductive to becoming adaptive, integrated and innovative. He does this by creating a space for people to do their best thinking, access their creativity, leverage diversity and take action in ways they never thought possible. You can read more about him here

Plus...he has a really cool South African accent.

Burgert has a great podcast that will help strengthen your leadership, the Liminal Podcast. You can also find it on iTunes. Here's the link. His latest episode with Cathy Salit on The Becoming Principle is well worth your time: http://liminalcoaching.com/liminal-podcast/

Book a free coaching session with Burgert here: http://liminalcoaching.com/book-a-session/

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