What is your morning routine? [Leadership Minute]

If I were a fly on the wall of your house, what would I notice about your morning routine? Over the past couple years, I've been doing a lot of learning, thinking and adjusting to my morning routine. I've discovered a correlation between how I start my day in the morning when my feet hit the ground and how productive I am the remainder of the day. Check out today's Leadership Minute:

A month ago, while on vacation with my son Ethan, I came across the sign below in the museum at Ford's Theater President Abraham Lincoln's morning routine:

In order to successfully navigate his day as the leader of our country during the Civil War, Lincoln needed to stay informed. It was vital to his success. As a leader, don't underestimate the power of starting your day right. Hydrate your body, eat a nutritious breakfast, get your body moving through exercise, meditate, and plan your day...before you check email or any social media. Do this and watch your productivity grow and your leadership skills sharpen. May you be blessed to be a blessing.

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