[Leadership Minute] How influential are you really?

By virtue of your position of leadership, you have influence. But, how influential are you really?

If you're a pastor, you know that there are influential people in every congregation who hold no official voluntary position in the church and who are not on staff. And yet, those persons are very influential in the life of the church, for good or ill, and sometimes even more so than the pastor.

So here’s the litmus test for knowing whether or not you are influencing or being influential…

Ask yourself, “If I remove my power, title, money, position, or authority, will I still be influential?”

Remember, real influence is about connecting with another person with integrity and authenticity. “Real influence is about who you are,” Karen Keller writes, and “how you show up…Who has a longer-lasting impact on you: the confident person who is empowering you to take a risk and share your talents or the person who relies on being your manager, who signs your paycheck, as a way to get you to perform?"

Connect with someone today and know by virtue of your character, you are influential.

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May you be blessed to be a blessing today!

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