What factor does fear play in your growth? [Leadership Minute]

Have you been to any conferences this year? Heading to any this fall?

Gratefully, I'm heading to two conferences this fall, one in September and one in October to help strengthen my leadership and impact in the world.

Conferences are a great way to grow, whether it be through the information presented or the connections made. However, they don't speed and deepen growth as much as facing fear.

My question for you in this week's Leadership Minute is, what place does facing your fears play in your growth personally and professionally?

Brendon Burchard said it best, "Only when our fears become our growth plan have we stepped on the path of mastery"

Have you stepped on the path of mastery? Be of good courage, face your fears, and watch yourself grow.

As I can help you grow in your courage to face your fears, let me know. I'd be happy to serve you as your coach.

Be blessed,


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