What have you eaten today? [Leadership Minute]

A few years ago, my doctor told me to record everything I eat throughout the day in a journal. He wanted to see how the numbers from my blood test were affected by the food I was putting in my body. It was a good exercise for me to slow down and pay attention to the food I was ingesting. Just as an athlete pays attention to the food that is fueling his or her performance, leaders must do the same. Your life and leadership is fueled by what you eat. Here's the bottom line: The better the fuel you put in, the better you'll lead and live. Check out this week's Leadership Minute:

My friend, pay attention to the food you eat. Make a food journal and reflect on if that food is helping or hindering your ability to lead at an optimal level. Will you join me for and make the rest of 2018 the healthiest four months ever?

Be blessed. You are a blessing to many.


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