[Leadership Minute] Your health is a really big deal

Your health is a really big deal. If you are not healthy, you cannot lead well. But if you are healthy in mind, body and spirit, your leadership will thrive. The quality of your health either supports or undermines your leadership effectiveness.

I know you want to say, "No duh, Mike!" Right? It's simple common sense. But, common sense is not always common practice. Take clergy for example, a calling I have lived in for the last 20 years. Despite knowing that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, clergy nearly top the list in ill health among Americans. According to one study done in the United Methodist Church, incidences of "high cholesterol (51%), borderline hypertension (11%), asthma (17%), borderline diabetes (9%), and obesity (40%) were significantly higher than other U.S. adults..." Not good...but it doesn't need to stay this way. No matter what profession you are in, your health matters to your performance. Today, human performance expert and Olympian Jeff Olson, shares with us what we can learn from high performing athletes regarding physiological fitness and health:

Making better choices with your health begins today. Your life and leadership depends on it. Let's do this together! Join me Thursday evening, September 27 at 8pm, for a 30 minute conversation with health experts to help you move the needle in your health. Watch for more details next week. Lastly, always remember, you are stronger than you think and loved more than you can imagine.

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