Leadership for the 21st Century


Embracing change and moving forward with confidence


​In the face of relentless and rapid change the church today more than ever needs courageous servant leaders who are theologically sound and adaptable,

creative, and who work well with others.


This workshop will increase your capacity to be influential, work with others generously, communicate well, and be non-anxious in tense and complex situations



Laughter - Ministry's Best Medicine
Reawaken joy for ministry through laughter.


Ministry is too serious to take seriously.   Unfortunately, approximately 18,000 pastors leave the ministry each year.  Three quarters of them are stressed out, and nearly that many have no close friends.  No question about it, being a pastor can be tough. Too many pastors today are lonely, tired, and burned out.                                          

This workship will reawaken your joy for ministry and renew your relationships. Laughter connects us with others and increases our leadership perseverance and effectiveness.  This workshop will get you up and moving as you laugh and play with others.  Take a break from the mundane and inject some life into your leadership.  



Speaking Programs


Mike is a great choice for your next leadership event.  He spoken and taught around the world.   He weaves his experience in public speaking with his 12+ years of experience performing and teaching improv theater, to create dynamic presentations that make a big impact.    


All speaking programs are interactive, educational, inspiring, memorable and fun.  Each program can be customized to meet your group's needs.


To check availability, contact Mike directly.