I just finished two months of coaching with Mike and I encourage you to do it.  Mike lets you guide the process where you want to take it and doesn't give you answers, but rather helps you to discover the tools you need to be better as a pastor and person.  He also has wonderful suggestions for books and other instruments to help you out.  


I think Mike will be a great help to you - he has me thinking and following through on ministry, in new and fresh ways.  I bet he can help you too.  

~The Rev. Ralph Wolfe, Clinton Heights Lutheran Church


I hadn't experienced coaching of this kind before, and I have found it to be very helpful for ministry.  Mike has helped me articulate goals and vision and to take steps to move forward.  This is a great blessing to me in becoming a stronger leader in my church scene.  

~The Rev. Tim Muller, Ascension Lutheran Church


Mike is an extraordinary listener, which makes him an excellent coach. During our sessions, Mike inspired me to connect my intrinsic values, my motivation, my past experiences and my goals to generate action. With Mike as a coach, I had tremendous personal insights, and increased my personal awareness, spurring me to take charge of my personal and professional life. In our student groups and coaching teams, Mike always added great value with his ability to focus on possibilities and the best in each every individual. I give Mike my highest recommendation—both as a one-on-one coach and as a team-coach.

~Viveka Fredwall


My experience with Mike has been a pleasure. I enjoyed working with him and I can say he is a great coach. What I liked the most is his presence, focus and reliability. Through his coaching one can be greatly helped in attaining their goals, dreams and enjoy the process.

~Claudio Rossides


Mike is an outstanding coach who inspires and helps anyone who wants to fully live life to its fullest. His expertise, calm and bright presence, warm and genuine care, invited me remarkably to be present in my 'here and now', which allowed me to get quickly to the core of my true self, to clarify and set my goals, and then to make empowering changes with confidence. Mike, thank you, merci beaucoup!

~Laure-Emmanuelle Morfin